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ASLMS Guidelines for White Paper Submission

General Overview


Who can submit for White Paper consideration?

  • Laser, Light, and Energy-Based Device Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies (studies related to combination with laser, light or energy-based devices)
  • Researchers / Start Ups
  • Technology Providers
  • Other industry associated with ASLMS Annual Conference sponsorship or exposition


  • Company representative submits White Paper abstract summary for consideration
  • ASLMS Section Chairs review submitted White Paper abstract summaries
  • ASLMS staff provide acceptance/rejection notification
  • Company representative submits the required fee to ASLMS. The fee invoiced will be based on company status with ASLMS at the time of invoice (fees indicated below).
  • Company representative submits PDF copy of full White Paper and recorded presentation
  • ASLMS staff manages files, scheduling, communication and promotion


  • September 13, 2021 - Call for White Papers
  • January 9, 2022 - White Paper abstract summaries due via ASLMS submission system
  • February 2022 - Submission Fee Due due to ASLMS within 30 days after invoice (specific date TBD)
  • March 1, 2022 - PDF copy of final White Paper due
    • If the final White Paper PDF copy is not submitted to ASLMS by March 1 the submission is considered “author declined” and will no longer be considered part of the programming. The submission fee is non-refundable.

Content Criteria and Requirements


  • Submissions must be focused on the research and/or application of laser, light, and energy-based devices for biomedical application or product research in combination with such devices. 
  • Current FDA clearance/approval is not required.
  • Clinical studies must have IRB approval.


  • Each author associated with the White Paper must have made a significant contribution to the research and must assume responsibility for the content.
  • All scientific research referred to, reported on, or used in the abstract must conform to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis. Selection of White Papers for presentation will be limited to those abstracts that report already collected data.
  • White Paper abstract summaries should feature category-specific data with the expectation of full disclosure regarding methods and materials.
  • White Paper abstracts must contain tangible factual information and should accurately reflect work that has actually been performed. Statements such as "results will be discussed' are unacceptable.
  • Scientific, well-designed studies are given preference over anecdotal findings or single experiment or case. With rare exception, White Paper abstracts that present a single or a small number of patient cases may be accepted based on other quality criteria.
  • Recommendations in the White Paper abstracts involving clinical medicine must be based on evidence that is accepted within the profession of medicine as adequate justification for their indications and in the care of patients.
  • White Paper abstracts must not present recommendations, treatment, or manners of practicing medicine that are not within the definitions as noted above, are known to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits, or are known to be ineffective in the treatment of patients.


  • The purpose of our conference is to disseminate accurate, balanced and objective information regarding lasers, other optical sources and related technologies in medicine and surgery. This purpose is best served by including presentations that are varied in terms of topics and presenters.
  • White Papers are planned as non-CME (not for physician CME credit). Therefore, company brand and trade names may be referenced.
  • A company may submit as many White Paper abstracts as they wish (each on a separate form and with a separate submission fee due upon acceptance). 
  • Section Chair reviewers will consider balance and ecumenical selection so as not to favor one company.


  • Full disclosure of each author's relationship to the company cited within the White Paper.

Submission, Review and Approval Process and Deadlines


Company representatives must first submit an abstract summary of the White Paper. Submissions will be completed using the ASLMS online White Paper Abstract Form. The abstract must include the following information: 

  • Company Name
  • Title of White Paper
  • Introduction & Objectives 
  • Background
  • Materials & Methods
  • Results / Case Studies
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Author Information
  • Presenting author and Co-authors
  • Email address for each author
  • Affiliation for each author
  • Author order indication


  • White paper abstracts will be reviewed by assigned Section Chairs based on the indicated criteria.
  • Selected abstracts will be organized by sub-topic.


Upon acceptance, company representative agrees to submit the following by indicated deadlines:

  • PDF copy of the full White Paper (500 MB file size limit)
    • May include photos (HIPAA compliant), charts, company logos, and brand or trade names.
    • Registered conference attendees will have access to view and download White Paper copies.
  • Participation fee upon acceptance. This fee is non-refundable. The fee invoiced will be based on company status with ASLMS at the time of invoice.
    • $2,000 for ASLMS Industry Partners (exhibitor, sponsor, and/or IAC member)
    • $3,000 for prospective partners
  • Presentation Agreement
    • ASLMS will post White Papers and associated recorded presentations within the ASLMS Online Learning center for up to 1 year post-conference.
    • The presenting author must sign the ASLMS Presentation Agreement prior to presentation or online posting.


  • White Paper titles and company names will be listed in the ASLMS Annual Conference Guide (print or electronic, under non-CME activities). 
  • PDF copies of each accepted White Paper will be placed on electronic display during the Annual Conference (i.e. computer station display, mobile app, virtual conference system, website, etc.)
  • PDF copies of full White Papers and associated recorded presentations will be posted as enduring material within the ASLMS Online Learning center for up to 1 year post-conference. 
  • Registered attendees will be able to view and download the White Papers (PDFs) via the Annual Conference mobile app and/or via ASLMS Online Learning.
  • Due to the promotional nature, White Papers will not be published in the Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Journal.

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